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Renaissance Solutionz

All of us in front of farm Katis.jpg

Mission Statement

Renaissance Solutionz, Inc. is a social business with a mission to regenerate communities by unlocking the innate potential of their displaced populations. 


Through our conscious consulting methods, we have partnered with organizations that have a proven track record for bringing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. While for profit, Renaissance sees regeneration of communities, the climate, and society as our primary goal. Together, we create a healthy and productive environment in which people flourish.

Regeneration: Bringing Life to the People

Regeneration is the process through which communities heal. We currently face many problems that are intrinsically intertwined. Climate Change, food apartheid, and housing insecurity are all  rooted in an extractive system. We see and do things differently.

Regeneration:And People to Life

While exhilarating, being a CAC (Chief Agent for Change), requires a lot of mental, spiritual and physical output.  Renaissance Regenerative Retreats are an opportunity to hit the refresh button so you can return to the frontlines refreshed and restored.

The Importance of Regeneration

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

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