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Personalized Adventures, just for you!

Espíritu Santo Island National Park and Sea Lion Colony

This island complex is the Pearl of the Sea of Cortez; a beautiful desert island of volcanic origin - like an open
geology book. You will marvel at the variety of seabirds and marine life.  And, in season, make new flippered friends during a snorkel session with the fun-loving sea lions!

Swimming with Whale Sharks (in Season)

Cue "Jaws" Theme...Duh, Duh.  Duh Duh Duh Duh.  Duh Duh.  Have no fear, the whale shark -- a slow swimming, filter feeder  --. poses no threat!   These gentle giants (up to 33 ft in length) enjoy the bay of La Paz as much as the humans do!  Join us for a truly awe-inspiring adventure!

Gray Whale Watching at Magdalena Bay (in Season)

Magdalena Bay is one of three lagoons which hosts the entire East Pacific Gray Whale population. Your chance of an up-close encounter with these magnificent animals begins after their non-stop, two to three month, 5,000-6,000 mile swim ends!


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