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Meet the Facilitators


With a background in teaching and as a life-long maker of arts and crafts, Nancy Gasich Domnauer realized she found something special when she discovered Zentangle®. Soon afterwards, she began sharing the artform with family and friends and within a few weeks was teaching informal classes at a local, independent bookstore.


Nancy’s discovery of Zentangle brought an unplanned, new path to her personal, professional and artistic journey. She decided to become a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT), retired from her career in children’s education, began working with and teaching adults and delving into a new career.


Over the last ten years, Nancy has focused on teaching Zentangle and exploring the mindfulness and creativity enhancing benefits of The Zentangle Method. She appreciates that the art form combines a simple-to-learn methodology while allowing one to experience mindfulness. As students focus on the moment while creating Zentangle art, they experience creative flow that brings them to a state of relaxation and contentment.


Nancy enjoys introducing Zentangle to beginners who are ready to learn. Through the process of simple pen strokes on paper, people who think they might not be an artist, discover their innate creativity. Watching people discover or re-discover their creativity has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her Zentangle journey. She’s grateful that as a Zentangle teacher, she shares the joys and benefits of the artform with others. She has taught Zentangle classes to over one thousand people including adults, seniors, children and teens through her in-person and online classes. Nancy likes to say that if you take a Zentangle class, then you'll have a hobby for life!

Nancy is known as a community builder and likes to bring people together with her Zentangle classes, retreats and special events. In her Northern California hometown, she hosts Tangle Club meetings and has organized Zentangle art exhibits and retreats. Supporting people on their artistic journeys, making connections among students and building community is something she truly enjoys.

Personally, Nancy approaches Zentangle as a practice. She sets aside time to slow down, put pen to paper and honor her creative pursuits. She enjoys traditional tangling of black ink on white paper as well as exploring colorful applications and mixed media techniques. Discoveries made while ‘tangling’ become inspiration for classes and workshops to share with students. She develops her practice by continually attending seminars and workshops led by Zentangle teacher colleagues and mentors. To get to know more, please visit her website:


Maria Pahos-Benson is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), who is a passionate and experienced teacher based in Orange County, CA. She has a deep appreciation for art and mindfulness and has spent 9 years practicing the Zentangle method and sharing it with others.


But Maria’s journey with Zentangle goes beyond the realm of teaching; it has changed her life in profound ways. After experiencing significant stress and enduring an episode of Bell’s Palsy, Maria stumbled upon a Zentangle class that would change everything. Apprehensive at first, as she never considered herself to be creative or artistic, Maria mustered up the courage to attend the class. This self-doubt stemmed from an experience in a high school art class where she was publicly criticized by the art teacher for her drawing skills. This caused feelings of inadequacy in expressing her creativity and artistic abilities.


Despite that bad experience many years ago, Maria decided to give Zentangle a chance and she found herself having fun and enjoyed the process of creating a Zentangle tile. At the end of the class, Maria realized that she could create beautiful art. Zentangle became the catalyst for Maria’s personal growth and self-belief. It shattered the notion of being afraid to try new things and ignited a newfound confidence. She recognized that her creativity was waiting to be unleashed. Inspired by this transformative experience, Maria embarked on a journey to share the power and joy of Zentangle with others.

As a Zentangle teacher, Maria has guided countless students on their creative journeys, helping them discover the meditative qualities of this unique art form. She believes that through the step-by-step process of the Zentangle method, individuals can cultivate a sense of inner peace, enhance focus, and tap into their creative side. Known for her love of sharing and her enthusiastic nature, Maria creates a supportive and inspiring learning environment, both online and in-person, where students feel encouraged to explore their creative potential. She enjoys tangling using the traditional black ink on white paper but especially loves creating with color using different mediums. She designs engaging workshops and classes that cater to all skill levels, whether beginners or experienced artists seeking to deepen their practice. She takes pride in empowering individuals to express themselves artistically and to discover their own unique creative style.


Outside of teaching, Maria continues to pursue personal artistic endeavors, constantly seeking new inspiration and techniques to enrich her own practice. She actively participates in Zentangle workshops and retreats, and shares insights and creations on social media. Whether you're looking to embark on a creative journey, relieve stress, or simply explore the beauty of Zentangle, Maria will guide you on this transformative path and she looks forward to sharing the joy and calm that Zentangle can bring to your life.

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After a lifetime gifted with strong intuition and a successful career as a traditional hairstylist, Ronnette was called to leave the ‘industry’ part of the beauty industry. She decided to create a different path to beauty by working with the energetic shifts that she knew occurred during intimate sessions with her clients. It was during her own fascinating healing journey in 2017, Ronnette received powerful visions, dreams and council during her many travels that guided her go back to the wisdom of her Choctaw Native American ancestors. It was during a solo late night candlelit research session that she learned of her ancestors’ own beliefs around hair, which she had always held. It was then that her calling became clearer and she began studying the healing arts. A graduate of Sedona School of Massage, she combines various modalities along with her gifted healing touch to create a nourishing grounding space for her clients to receive powerful self-care experiences. 

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