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Welcome to Paradise Found!

Paradise Found is a vermiponic regenerative farm in Bonita, California. Using worm compost, we grow a variety of heirloom, in-demand vegetables at a nutritional value at least 10 times higher than the organic produce available at grocery stores.   

Better Food, Better World


Vertically-grown. Worm-powered. Hyper-local.


Louise, San Diego

"This produce is fresh: you literally buy it while it is still growing, off the truck PUFFY)! You really can't get fresher than that! It's good to eat and good for you! Try some soon!"

Patti, Bonita

"I purchased three pounds of lettuce, and it's still fresh two weeks later!"

Lisa, Chula Vista

“I love knowing that the food I am eating is the most nutritious. These are also the most beautiful greens I have ever seen. Loving the flavor and variety!"

Christine, San Diego

"I cannot tell you enough how delicious your lettuces are!  Thank you so much!"


According to Anthony William (aka Medical Medium), every adult should consume at least two and a half cups of chopped raw leafy greens per day.  Leafy greens hold precious and vital mineral salts, are high in enzymes, vitamin A, B vitamins such as folic acid, healing alkaloids (plant compounds that fight disease), micronutrients for restoring the endocrine system, and a fabulous source of protein (...yes, protein!)! We're committed to increasing the accessibility of nutrient dense produce to our local communities.

Lettuce Varieties 

Cabbage, Kale, & More

Order Now!

We welcome orders from home chefs and those in the food service industry!

$6 for 8 ounces

$10 for 16 ounces

Who We're Supplying


Featured Chef: Aureny Aranda 

Chef Aureny uses fresh lettuce from Paradise Found!



Industrial agriculture, upon which our larger food system is based, has an enormous impact on global warming. It uses chemical nutrients to feed plants rather than the soil.  As soil health degrades, its capacity to sequester carbon is severely limited. One pathway to changing the larger food system is through regenerative agriculture, which brings life back to the soil and reconnects people to their food.  Vermiponics, a type of regenerative agriculture, expeditiously reintroduces farming into cities and environments where food apartheid is endemic while diverting organic waste from landfills which significantly reduces GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions.

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