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What is Regeneration?

Regeneration is a purposeful path to healing the damage our earth, our communities, and our kin have endured over centuries of living in an extractive paradigm.

Community Garden

What is a Regenerative Community?

For several hundred years our economic system has been based on extraction and waging war with both our inner and outer environments with synthetic chemicals and antibiotics.  Renaissance is laser focused on making quality, net zero, affordable housing and fresh, hyper-local food --  basic human rights -- available to all. “A regenerative community creates offers a path out of poverty that provides people with meaning, worthy involvement with their community, a living wage, and a future of dignity and respect.” (Paul Hawken, Regeneration:  Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation)

Image by Brandon Griggs

Housing to the Front.

Lack of.  Unaffordable.  Sub-standard.  Words that, heart-breakingly, describe the state of housing in our hometown of San Diego and the world today.  In collaboration with THK GRN, Renaissance offers state-of-the-art modular and green building technologies to provide beautiful, net-zero, affordable housing for everyone!


Ruth Jordan
Visionary & CDC (Chief Dot Connector)

Hi! I’m Ruth Jordan, and Renaissance Solutionz is the next chapter in the story of the manifestation of my life “which is hidden in Christ with God.” In addition to giving thanks to God and the incarnation of God energy in Jesus, The Christ, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the following courageous and inspirational souls:  Fr. Richard Rohr, Muhammad Yunus, Gregg Braden, Brene Brown, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Anthony William.

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Ending food Apartheid 

Food Apartheid:  the systemic racism permeating America’s food system This manifests in thousands of communities having no access to healthy, life giving food at an affordable price.  The pandemic brought into sharp relief the danger of being overly dependent on agribusiness, large grocery store chains, and the long distance transportation network which connects us all.  Renaissance is actively engaged in building a New Agrarian Economy which will look a lot like a microgrid of small, urban farms.


The New Agriculture

Renaissance Solutionz, in partnership with Dark Nectar Co-Operative, built the largest vermiponic farm in San Diego County and PUFFY (Pop-up Urban Farm For You), quite possibly, the only mobile, vermiponic farm in the world as our pandemic project.


What is a Social Business?

Think of social business as a hybrid business model with a non-profit chassis powered by a for-profit engine.  By integrating the innovation and efficiency of a conventional business with the proficiency of the non-profit to address social problems, you have an economic vehicle on the fast track to global regeneration!

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Conventional Business Asks

How can I maximize profit?

How do I beat the competition?

What will boost my sales?

Social Business Asks

How can I maximize benefit?

How can I create partnership?

What will bring true wealth?

Meet Ruth Jordan


Ruth has been on a serious quest for the truth since the age of five when her thirty-two year old Mother was diagnosed with MS. In the midst of graduate studies at the New School for Social Research, she returned home to become her mother’s sole caregiver. Shortly after 9/11, Ruth’s mother lost the use of her last, slightly functional limb, and she courageously lived out the remaining eight years of her life as a quadriplegic.


Nineteen months after her mother's death, she found and married a kindred soul, Dan Jordan. Although 35 years her senior, they had led parallel lives. Just as Ruth had cared for her mother for over two decades, Dan had cared for his seriously neurologically impaired wife for over 30. After 5 years of marriage, Dan died suddenly on a family vacation. Three days after Dan’s death, while attending a conference for social impactors, the solution to all the world’s intransigent problems became clear — collaboration.


The search for a vehicle to manifest this idea lead her to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, and his game changing concept of social business. Shortly after, Renaissance Solutionz was born. Over the past four years, she has used her real estate assets and networking super power (which, before this adventure, she had no idea she possessed) to work with the social business model on a small scale.  Medium to large scale coming up!

Read the recent article about Ruth in SD Voyager Magazine!

Ruth also makes music!

Gregg Bradon.jpg

Gregg Braden

The new shift in thinking is a gateway to human transformation.  And because of the sheer numbers of people involved in this shift, and the growing magnitude of the crises that are driving us to change the way we think, we are standing on the threshold of human transformation at a level unlike anything ever before known on Earth.  

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